Babylon Burns

by Cut To Fit

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released February 3, 2011



all rights reserved


Cut To Fit Finland


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Track Name: This Is How I See The World

Our banal ways
Fastening demise
Severe burns in both arms
No more fingers to be burnt

Too many mistakes on our conscience
Blood filtered through sands of time

Faceless authorities feed us their power
This is how I see the world

Drowning in blood
for no cause
too many faults
obsessed with war
regret is gone
replaced with guns
we're burning the walls
to get out of here!
Track Name: Thin Air
Death beats D-beats in my chest
My body will be a vermins nest
My skull will be used as a spit bowl
My soul will rot with me

And by every second it's harder to breathe
Thin air

this claustrophobic terror, it takes it's hold on me
I need to breathe this thin air, I need to set my soul free
Track Name: Massgrinder
We are controlled by mass media
Forged in the flames of pop culture
Manipulation prevents hysteria
They circle us like vultures

Cut the ties to all contextual understanding
We are guided to this state of submission

Gaga thrown to disturb your mind
Hidden intentions to make us obey
Lose your face in to the sea
Of different social masks


Mediocrity is like malignant tumour
Eating it's way to our brain
Our ambition challenged by plain temptation
Of settling for some heap-shit lies

Cut the ties to this useless group of morons
Let them remain in this stable state of confusion
Track Name: Shitface Song
Brand new skin - already stained with sin
Exchange of blood, overdose on heroin

Do I need to take your shit? No fucking way!
Hate to say, but I told you so, now you're dead to me.

Drug abuse - or who's really abusing who?
Needless to say, you need needles every day
Get the fuck off, drug abuser.
Track Name: Born To Be Blind
From the moment of your birth
You are part of this big herd
Being guided by this hidden hand
Which doesn't exist by any chance

You're born to be blind!
Born to be blind!

Choking to your daily bread
your life is but a mistake
Now when it hangs by a single thread
You see the value of pain
Track Name: Ammunition Is Cheaper Than Bread
Ammunition is cheaper than bread
I hate those who profit from death
Making money on other's suffering
Big corporations run this world like cattle

And while we struggle on their leash
They load their guns and wait for release
When bullets are cheaper than human lives
They load their guns and shoot only to kill
Track Name: Viha & Pelko
Tuhoan kaiken erilaisen
Eri uskonnot ja värit tieltäni raivaan
Ja vasta tapettuani kaikki huomaan
niiden kaikkien vuotaneen samaa verta

Tyhmyys ei tunne rajoja
Se ei ymmärrä sanoja
Ei käsitä näkemäänsä
Ei käsitä kauneutta

Ja kun kaikki on tehty sen nään
Miten pelko voi sekoittaa pään
Niin helppoa on oikeuttaa
Tuho jonka itse aiheuttaa
Track Name: Omnipotent Union
Aligned to enslave
Everyone who won't obey
Choose between slavery and obedience
Swallow every fucking word of law

A simple choice to make
Join us or lose your face
All good will be replaced
With short-term lies and poker face

Peer pressure's growing these morons decide
Whether we can live or not
Pathetic masturbation on this powerplay

Too much power in these wrong hands
Bite them off!
Track Name: Western Decline
Like a machine with no purpose
Repeating same chain of mistakes
Obediently keeping the course
of self-extermination

Like anal beads in a virgin ass
It's easy to accept that these are our last days

Programmed to defeat only it's self
Snake biting it's own tail
Grief and sorrow replaced
With fear and paranoia

Where the fuck is your god now?
Track Name: Escravizador
Você entende que está dando
As chaves para os conquistadores?
Abrindo os portões da opressãdo certa
Convidando o escravizador!

Convidando o escravizador!
Track Name: GRIND!
This is why we do this
noise just for the sound of it
building up models of airplanes
just to blow them up

we were the kids who bought toy cars
So we could wreck them with stones!
Track Name: Cockroach
Shit batters up to jam up the fan
Too many faults to correct
Limitless capacity of bullshit lies
What do you come up with next?

We're in decline cos we followed your plan
Now you say it's our fault cos we strayed from the path
get your shit together you fucking cockroach
Track Name: Pro Bono
I knew it, I fucking knew it
Your ONE foundation does good
But not for the ones in need
In fact it does good
For you

You are truly the world's biggest crap
If I stab you I'm sure you bleed sap
or at least green blood
Or something like that anyway

Fighting poverty, yeah sure
Even your staff gets more than the poor
Expensive gifts for politicians
Stop wasting time and money

Fucking shoot yourself already
Oh yeah
And Oprah is hypocrite
Fat ugly bitch too
Track Name: Babylon Palaa
Työmuurahaiset kiertävät päivästä toiseen pesää
Raatavat ympäri vuorokauden, jotta voisivat elää
Äkillinen konfliktin murtaa kehän, paniikki ottaa vallan
Hajanaiset joukot taipuvat, kollektiivisen mielen alla

Leikkaan itseni irti maailmastanne ja nauran kun Babylon palaa
Leikkaan itseni irti maailmastanne ja nauran kun Babylon palaa

"A social order seized by convulsive change,
dislocation values and spiritual uncertainty
Inevitably invites the kind of alienation that
Produces evil"

yhteistilit, asuntolainat
Merkkejä orjuudesta
Elät sitä päivästä toiseen
Elät toisten unelmaa

Babylon palaa!