Black Mouth

by Cut To Fit

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Recorded live at Soundaholics Studio, 30th and 31st of December, 2014. Recorded by Aleksanteri Kousa, mixed and mastered by Konsta Vehkala.
Everything done by Cut To Fit. Never underestimate the power of the mistakes. If you want to support the band, buy the album. Gig booking and everything through Facebook or

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released April 17, 2015

Vili - Patterns
Ena - Resonance
Jere - Thoughts



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Track Name: Ocean of Shit
I thought this would deliver me
From isolation and loneliness
But your restrictions and filtering
Have made me excluded again
Drifting in solitude
in the ocean of information
Filtered out of reach of any humane interaction
Drifting lost
in the ocean of commercial shit.
Track Name: Being Greedy Is a Full-Time Job
Take everything
Before they notice
Time's running out
Your days are numbered
We'll burn down everything you own
The masses are waking up.
Feed on their weakness while they are still weak.
I understand, you don't have a choice,
It's eat or be eaten, right?
Just tell me, when you're done.
Let me know when you have eaten enough.
Track Name: Pahoinvoinnin Spiraalissa
Ei kiinnosta teidän hyvän kehät,
Kun rahat ei riitä yhtään mihinkään.
Antakaa mulle lapio,
Mä kaivan oman hautani,
Elävältä hautaan itseni,
Lopetan oman kurjuuteni.
Tiedän jo kuinka tää loppuu,
Kuolen köyhänä ja lapset perii kurjuuden.
Track Name: Obedience Is the Death of Self
You accept their views
and approve their ways
You let go of your individuality
You get rid of yourself
To become another one of them.
Just because you're scared!
One should not obey just to fit the world
One should not cut off his limbs to fit the box.
Track Name: Weight
I cling on to my sanity
Every last thread that remains.
It all seems so tiring,
I'm drowning in your expectations.
Now come closer,
Observe me for what I am.
Do I seem stable? Do I seem sane enough?
It's one thing to drown
And it's another thing to burn.
Track Name: Waiting for the Dinosaurs to Die
We have a generation of intelligent people
Willing and able to change the world for better.
What's holding them back?
You are.
You and your greed, you and your restriction.
I just hope you die before you'll brainwash them too.
Waiting for the dinosaurs to die!
Track Name: Blistered
Blisters in my hands
weakened morals, days spent in the grind.
Life lost somewhere within
the tides of mediocrity
Buried beneath the ocean of "what-if's"
And "I-don't-cares"
Blaming someone else for all my mistakes
Blistered, disoriented, done.
Another day,
A wreckage remains.
Disgusted by my own mirage
Empty hands, wasted smiles
can't help but feeling worthless inside.
Track Name: Master of Disgust
You are the one to ruin the fun
for the rest of us,
You are the one to fuck all good things up,
the master of disgust.
The more you brag about your dope
the further away you bury the hope
of ever getting it legalized.
But I guess your brain's quite paralyzed at this point.
You are the master of fuck ups.
The master of disgust.
Track Name: A Man Who Mistook His Hat for His Life
These things I have gathered
to define who I am
Now seem to define my complexes
All the things I am not.
For I am not happy.
I am not content.
I am not satisfied
Until I have more definitions.
This life that I've gathered,
This slow poison in my veins,
I find it all consuming.
All this plastic is choking me.
Save me from my shit.
Track Name: The Hermit
Your world is truly sickening,
Disgusting, tiring
Paradise for parasites.
The more I spend time with you
The more I despise myself
The more distinctive is the difference
Between our worlds.
Washing off the stench of you,
Clawing the walls to get out,
Eagerly waiting for the way out..
Track Name: Stains
Voices, words, explanations.
They never stop.
They are the shit stains
on the curtains of the understanding.
And we can't see it's color
From all the shit stains in it..
But we can't help it, for we don't own the curtain,
Just the shit that stains them.
Track Name: Kaikki Kaikkia Vastaan
Kaikkien sota kaikkia vastaan
Voittaja saa vain hatullisen paskaa
Vähän kerrallaan silmukka kiristyy
Kun voittajat pakottavat itsensä nurkkaan.
Jokainen toisensa kurkussa roikkuu.
Kaikki kaikkia vastaan.
Helpot tiet ulos alkaa loppua
Itsemurha on häviäjän valinta
Voittajat puolestaan järsii irti raajojaan,
Luomakunta marssii kohti kuolemaa..
Track Name: Uusi Aamu
Lama tuli, duuni meni
laitoin lapset nukkumaan
ja mietin josko ripustaisin
itseni myös kuivumaan.
Muttei kunnon köyden paikkaa
Mulle vastaan tullutkaan
Ja vaikka kaverit niin teki
Ei musta siihen ollutkaan!
Ja kaikki uudet aamut
on edellistä harmaampii...
Track Name: Combust
I consume.
I confuse.
I abuse.
I confess,
I combust.
Track Name: Choke
Another day, I wake up feeling numb
Trapped in to this concrete box
I'm fucked, my future is done
Squirming like an insect
under the magnifying glass
I incinerate and burst in flames
I'm so fucking done.
I've had enough.
I crawl through mud I call my life
bleeding fingers aching, raging fire burning in my gut!
I bite my tongue, my black mouth full of blood
I try to spit, but I know that I must swallow
what you can't spit out, you must swallow
when you give up your hope, you'll be swallowed
I try to grasp my evading breath
As this snare tightens around my neck
As my body distorts
As my consciousness dissolves.
My throat grows knives and seaweed
They entangle and make me choke.
Cuts bleed to serve my epileptic fit
I choke.
I choke.
I choke.
Track Name: Black Mouth
Look at all these commodities,
Making my life so much easier,
Look at this extension chord,
Tied so tightly around my neck.
Look at this plastic chair.
Look at this plastic shoe.
That kicks the plastic chair
And ends this plastic life.
Every path I chose
Lead me to this point.
And every time I lost
I knew I had no choice.
Now I'm waiting for this plastic life to end
I'm burning with desire to end it myself.
I'm being swallowed by the black mouth of mediocrity
What you call a life, I call a nightmare.
What you call a life, I call a nightmare.
What you call a life, I call a nightmare
What you call a life, I call a nightmare.