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Against conspiracies, paranoia and oppression.


released April 14, 2010

Miro K - The Grooves
Vili K - High End
Eetu K - Low End
Jere K - No End

Tomppa Saarenketo - Mixing and all that jazz



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Cut To Fit Finland


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Track Name: Army of Useless Youths
We are the army of useless youths
Standing here with nothing to do
Give us the gun, show us the line
True meaning of our lives

We won't fight your wars.
We won't fight your fucking wars.
Track Name: Incinerate Illuminati
Swineflu keeps on spreading
By intercontinental travelling
Supported by secret society
It's all just part of conspiracy

Incinerate Illuminati

Fear will keep on spreading
Just as long as you will pay
Fear of pandemia, recession
Just to make you buy their shit
Infections keep increasing
No matter how many shots you take
Look at the book of Revelation
And see the mark of the beast.
Track Name: Plastic World
Plastic smile.
Plastice face.
Plastic ass.
Plastic tits.
Plastic money.
Plastic pressures.
Plastic intentions.

Welcome to our plastic world
Where evertyhing is beautiful
Welcome to our plastic world
Welcome to the paradise

Breeding perfection
Out of elastic face
Mind is like clay,
Able to change it's form
This is perfect world.
Track Name: The Silent Suffer
Freedom - is just one war away
Love and peace - Are million kills away

In this world of injustice and mistreat
Who are the ones to suffer the most?
Those who have nothing to say
Or those too afraid to speak?

Probably both.
Track Name: Killing People Is Illegal
Don't kill people, it's illegal
You're the evil on their steeple
They can see the devil in you
So let them have it

Killing people is illegal
But please, let me try it once

Don't spill blood, if you're not god
Kill them all to feel like one
All they care about is why you did it
And where you got your ..

Killing people is illegal
But I do it anyway
Track Name: Palavaa Paskaa!
Taivaan täydeltä palavaa paskaa
Rikkaat päättää ja kusessa ollaan taas

Kierrettiin kehä, taas palattiin nollaan
Kuluttakaa lisää, nyt lamassa ollaan
Kaikki tämä tyhmyys on korvien välissä
Ja yhdellä lauseella päästäisiin tästä
Totelkaa valheita, niitä riittää jos kuunnellaan
Helppoa on ohjata pelokkaita lampaita.

Pelkääppä lamaasi ja tukehdu paskaan!
Track Name: What You See Is Just What You're Fed
What you see is only
What they want you to see
What you know is only
What they let you know!

All you weak, addicted losers
Just waiting for the next friday
You have no goals, you believe the news
You settle for lies!
You are so fucking easy to mislead,
I throw a bottle, you all will follow
You balance on the brink, you settle for less
You settle for lies!

Am I antisocial?
Or are you just pathetic?

What you see is just what you're fed
The media is controlled
"Swineflu is raging, you need a vaccine
Sold by our company!"
Track Name: Keeping America Quiet
Controversal opinions
Mixed messages and confusing idioms
Switching sides in a blink of an eye
Keeping America confused

Resistance is futile
When every study is a new campaign

Ignorant people are easy to control
Losing their freedom to profit the leader
Choosing the path that leads to an nightmare
Keeping America quiet!

Resistance is futile
When every study is a new campaign

... A campaign to take your freedom!
Track Name: Fear The Earth
No chance for survival!

It's all the same which gets us first
God or science, our own bloodthirst
You should not fear some simple disease
You should fear the earth!
It's all the same which gets us first
We're chasing our own tail instead of the future
You should not fear some moron with bombs
You should fear the earth!

No chance for survival
The earth will engulf our world
The death of all civilization
By our Mother's hand!
Track Name: Science Failed
Science without a cause
Like grindcore with nothing to say
You keep praising their achievements
Japanese masturbation-gloves piling up!

Colliding atoms, Determination to terminate
Misread intentions, Determination to terminate

Lifeless - studies suffocated
To serve our societys needs
Studies hid, if they reveal
Something we don't want to see
Painless knowledge
For no effort done
We rule
The scientific world.

Playing god on our own backyard
Facing the wrath of our own
Long-forgotten mother
Science failed in serving us
Now it all begins
The meltdown of the core
Science failed!
Track Name: Crushing Possibility
Why should we not hurt a god
Who let's us hurt himself?
If you are there and all-mighty
Show me the back of your hand

Our time did us.
And we did our time.

Why should we not hurt a god
who lets us hurt himself?
If you are there and can here me
Show me the depth of your wrath

Our world spilled our blood
And we killed our world

Disembodied screams from the past
Deadbeats blown away in the blast

If our Father decided to manifest himself
And cut off our own will to fight
What could we possibly do?
Where would our science stand?
Cut off our hands to make sure we'll never fight again..