Havoc Supreme

by Cut To Fit

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Don't waste your lives.


released November 20, 2012

Vili K - Grooves
Eetu K - Guitarbassmonster
Jere K - Visual Screaming

Tomppa Saarenketo - Capturing sounds and making us not-suck so bad.



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Cut To Fit Finland


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Track Name: Consumer - Gatherers
Endless pollution
Underestimation of human mind
Whatever happened to hunters?

We became gatherers
We became merchants
We became customers
We became consumers

Life lost in the lies
Lies they feed us
With every blink of an eye
Learn to live the sacrifice
Learn to let go, learn to die.
Track Name: The Rape
We are committed to turn a blind eye
Every time we see a victim cry
Slip it in and rape the child
A slap on the wrist and a kiss goodbye
If you're a cop you won't do time
If it's not the first you can always lie

Not to mention these nameless priests
Who are protected by the church's need
To wash all bloodstains of it's cocks
And smile politely while victims blame themselves!

No more blame and guilt for your sake
I won't let you get away with the rape!
Track Name: InWarmation
We open ourselves up
To find deeper meanings
But instead we just find
The endless mass of vipers to feed!

Have you seen the internet?
It's just an all out war

And words lose their meanings
They're being buried under egos
And everyones at war
With enemies they don't even know!
Track Name: Addicted To War
Writes the course of our history
Endless victory march on our yard
Life itself remains concealed in mystery
Still it's end always catches us off guard

Addicted to...War
No time for compassion
No place for peace
Industrial war runs every fucking thing
No sense of pride at all.
Track Name: Silvottu Totuus
Mitä meille kerrotaan ja miten se sanotaan.
Mitä pois jätetään ja miksi niin tehdään.

Silvottu totuus, silmillesi tuodaan
Leikelty todellisuus mieleesi luodaan
Silvottu totuus on kaikki mitä saadaan
Leikelty todellisuus mielesi lamauttaa

Jotta et tajuaisi ajatella
Jotta et kaipaisi vastauksia!
Track Name: Youtuberculosis
Striving towards the spot
Of fame and recognition
We're collectively infected
By this v-log generation

We're just like old radios
Tuned to the same bullshit frequency

Our world is sealed shut
By the lack of communication
We're inbred and so meaningless
More wired than our machines

Our minds forced to believe our eyes
They are blasting us with complete bullshit

Just remember:
In this global web
We are but flies
And the spider's still out there
Lurking in the shadows
Playing his secret tunes
Staying out of sight.
Track Name: Edustuksellinen Byrokratia
Kansakunta pyristelee kuolonkorinoissaan
Oma napa täyteen ja työtöntä turpaan
Hallitus korjaa uutiset väärät
Kultaisen takin taskut tyhjää täynnä

Edustuksellinen byrokratia- sinulla on vapaus valita kahleet
Edustuksellinen byrokratia- sinulla on vapaus valita

Tämä dodon tie meidät sukupuuttoon vie
Eristys ja viha pitää meidät vihaisina
Viha puolestamme äänestää ja päättää
Kuka seuraavaksi saa meitä kusettaa

Nielet mitä vaan ne suuhus paskantaa
Elät unelmaa, mutta et omaas
Pelkäät häpeää ja naapurisi vihaa
Orwell kääntyy haudassaan ei taida naurattaa!
Track Name: Enemy of Any Business
Keep your fucking dollars to yourselves
We're not obligated to be your slaves

You don't own us, no one will
This as far as your bullshit flies
There was music before business
This is the death your music industry

Keep your copy rights, we know what's ours
Your law-term warfare has been outdone

This is the end of your music business.
Track Name: Working Class Zero
Machines make the most beautiful sound
Industrial music in factory lounge
Exhausted slaves make new notes every day
Playing the chords of humiliation

In this inhumane race
Not a single person remains
The machines take your place

Working class zero
Pounds his life
Through the nothingess he feels
To become something he will never be
Until one day..
Hammers come down!
Track Name: Too Slow
Spending your time
In search of your own place
Educating yourself
To fit the world in constant change

How did it come to this?
We're getting old before we're even born
Technocratic society
Worshipping the god of economic growth
Track Name: Survival of the Fittest
Too fucking stupid to get my point
Stuck in your stubborn ideals
Survival of the fittest
Long lost dream of stupidity

Neo-nazi scum should find their place in chambers!
Track Name: Noidankehä
Puku päällä huorat meiltä maan alta myy
Euroopan Unelmille aina rahaa löytyy
Parlamentti sirkuksena on ja pysyy
Vasen käsi harhauttaa ja oikea varastaa

Mikään ei muutu
Kukaan ei herää
Yhä lampaat jonottaa
Teurasauton perään

Aikansa renki kerää hampaitaan kadulta
Väkivalta yltyy eikä ketään enää kaduta
Lama tuli takaisin, se on ja pysyy
Seuraavakin sukupolvi sopivasti pilalla.
Track Name: Decisions
Corruption runs
All parts of our society
This is not freedom
and it sure as fuck is not democracy

Sticking feathers up your ass
Does not make you a fucking chicken
Shoving restrictions down slaves throat
Does not set him free

To root this evil..
We must make some decisions!
Track Name: Religious Lea$h
Mutilating your mind
Through destruction of your "self"
I have grown so sick
Of someone else setting up the values
I'm in a constant war
With stupidity in organized religions

Sexual abuse, disolving the self
The threat of violence, always on the edge
Humiliation, unseen dismemberment of human mind

Religion is an opiate
We're the replacement therapy
Track Name: Tuli
Kaikki tämä kuvottaa
Jokainen kuvaa kumartaa
Ruudun eessä jumittaa!

Tyhjennä mielesi, hyväksy orjuus!
Ota vastaan siunaus, joka kiroukseksi muuttuu!


Auki revityt silmät huutavat
Kun tuli polttaa verkkokalvoilla
Totuus palaa näkemykseksi
Ruostuu mielipiteeksi

Tuli polttaa kaiken.

Tuli vapauttaa.