The Doors Of Deception

by Cut To Fit

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Cleanse 01:27
You are so disgusting So utterly stained You make me look like god The shining one amongst you all Cleanse yourself in the fire!
Everytime the light of honesty is pointed at you You crawl underneath the floorboards Not this time. I will burn this fucking house down Burn it to the ground. Just to see you burn!
Two same sides, same false beliefs Same justifications, same morals Under different names The difference between you and me Is that you fuck between the star-striped sheets You hold superpower in your leash And you own everything within your reach If your god is there, and if he truly cares.. He will smithe you down, punish the wicked child You're stained with sin! Severe the hands from thiefs Cut the tongues from liars mouths Prepare the chosen land Armaggeddon has arrived!
Freedom dominates free minds Too many options paralyze You're blasted with freedom of choice They make you choke on it! You are free! They know what is best for you So keep your eyes on the whip and obey!
We're all drowning in our needs Plastic ocean under the carbon sky We create our own needs We create "THEM" We become what we are The voices in our head.
Seurakunta hurraa, Kun kanttorit mylvii Profeettansa armotta Sama väki nylkee Tajunnan ovet Ruostuu kiinni Käyttämättömyyttään Lampaat susien vaatteissa Kun hampaat menevät aatteista Kaikki paskaks, Ei vastuu paina Vahingot korvaa Joko mutsi tai laina Heikkous on synti Ja syntinen on maailma Kostaminen jatkuu Kunnes jokainen on vainaa Lampaat susien vaatteissa Kun hampaat menevät aatteista.. ..Lampaat vähitellen susiksi muuttuu!
Swallow the lie You're born to be buried alive Submit to god's will Into his hands, in sickness and health! Why do they get to live? What a coinsidence they don't have to suffer While the weakest ones are blown to bits, Forced to swallow the third world poison! Faith gives hope to the hopeless It provides a leash to the ropeless.
Knowledge is power Ignorance is strength You are kept stupid so where do you think you stand? Keep on rotting on your couch!
Herätkää! 01:01
Nyt alkaa riittää Itsesääliinsä tukehtuva kansakunta Saa itseään kiittää Kun yksilöt raa'asti toisiaan niittää, Joka tien lopussa kuolema siintää Henkiinjääneet traumojaan siirtää kun viina vapauttaa syylliset vastuustaan Ja syyttömät nukkuu palavissa taloissaan! Herätys! Ei viha loppuun kanna Tuli kyllä syö muttei mitään rakenna Huono renki on katkera isäntä Kun viha määrää palaa koko vitun pitäjä Väkivaltaantunut väki varastaa Vapauden väärinkäyttää omaa vapauttaan Teurastaakseen toisiaan!
Blindspot 00:42
Right there, within my sight You are my strength You become my weakness Standing in my blindspot The ones I love the most Eating me from the inside Consuming their host What am I? A human after all, you make me hate myself Fuck you.
War Is Peace 01:29
A state of crisis is a great excuse To keep people on their toes War is peace Vices are virtues Your leader says, show your obedience Take a bullet to your chest Your country demands you to conquer the rest For the sake of economic interests! War is peace Vices are virtues And we're all fucked As long as their boot keeps stamping our face We're all chained To this world of waste We need a change But it might be too late No leaders, No masters They lead us to endless disasters!
Retrovirus 00:30
Nothing's new Everything's used Too fucking old school to even screw Shooting out clichés like bullshit machine People like you never chanced a thing! Braindead evolution still-born revolution Staring into the past you never had!
Filler 00:06
Can't you fucking see? All our culture and our deeds Are made to make us bleed For the greater good indeed Don't you really see? how your success grinds the weak And the more shit you need The more you cut the weak It's all just endless cut throat competition!
Auktoriteettinsa taakse hän piiloutuu Vastuuta väistää, sanoo syyllinen on joku muu Luukulta luukulle syrjäytynyt ajautuu Kieltäviin päätöksiin itsetunto tukehtuu konttorirotan takia saat masennuslääkkeitä hakea Lääkehuuruissa viikot kuluu pois Systeemin vika, et sille muka mitään voi Salaliittoteoriat kuupassa kihisee Vainoharhat vaanii ja liskot sihisee! konttorirotan takia on elämä suistunut raiteilta!
Rotanloukku 00:37
Aldous Huxley explaining the situation where the slave's learn to love their chains and find no reason to resist because they are surrounded by temporary pleasures. This world is in such state right now, squirming in our trap, chewing on a poisoned piece of rotten cheese..
Existence 02:30
These eyes that burn these visions to my soul Keep engraving golden letters in this piece of coal Like a needle piercing through the layers of skin Until there's nothing left but space Between every molecule of me Between every atom Between every particle The empty space that we call soul The essence of me, that tireless need the will that burns behind these eyes that keeps burning these golden letters into this empty space between my particles That is truly to exist In such many levels simultaneously and still be uncertain whether you exist or not.
I find it hard to trust my senses Since they deceive me in every turn We let them fill our heads with these thoughts: I need. I want. I need! Our senses do nothing but amplify these thoughts! Since they were designed to reach and surpass The limits of our perception To unlock, to fling open and to enter From these doors of deception!


"This album is concluded by our great grandfather Olavi Kilpinen. Clip recorded in the 1960's or 70's by our grandfather."
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Never underestimate the power of the mistakes.


released June 19, 2013

INFP - Thoughts.
ENFP - Patterns.
ESTP - Resonance.

Recording, Mixing and all that jazz by Tomppa Saarenketo.


all rights reserved



Cut To Fit Finland


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