Until We Record Something More Terrifying

by Cut To Fit

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Our first demo, recorded after two or three weeks of this band's existence, the first songs we ever made, played just once (or in some case twice) live. Recording this demo took exactly the time it runs, it was recorded with three microphones by Tomppa Saarenketo, who mixed it in the same evening. We were quite thrilled.


released September 26, 2008

Jere K. - vocals
Vili K. - guitar
Eetu K. -guitar
Miro K. - drums



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Cut To Fit Finland


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Track Name: We're Screwed
If what we've accomplished is who we are
By these standards you're no one by far
You consider yourself an underground star
But I promise this downfall will leave you a mark

if our survival would depend on you
Then I'd think we're all just screwed
Please just stop and drop your childish act!

What you reap is just what you sow
Remember this when we tell you to go
You consider yourself the king of the pile
When you realize you're scum we won't see that smile!
Track Name: Blind
Distracted, out of focus
Their words are salt for your wounds
Shitfaces feeding you with their own faecies

Who do you choose?
oppression, depression, or great white random?
will to be blind
Oppressed, in depression and sold for nothing!
Track Name: In The Year 2025
We are born under the all-seeing eye
Under surveillance we are 'till we die
We demand answers but ask no questions
Rebellion is dead in our silent surrender

Who are they?
where are they?
We can't see them
They hide behind their curtain!

Emotions replaced by a single pill
They do what they canjust to break down our common will
Blood samples taken and compared
You're guilty as charged before you are born!

Who are they?
Where are they?
We can't see them
They hide behind their curtain!

Big brother fear me, for I have sinned
Committed crime against thy will
I have developed a mind of my own
And if it's up to me, you will be decrowned
Track Name: Destroy This System
We don't need this system
We can do better on our own
Systematic corrosion of ideals
More problems to be solved
We don't need this system
We can do better than this
Systematic corrosion of ideals
We destroy what we don't own

Give money to the rich and kick me down
Hit me to the face and make me bow
Track Name: You Are The Cancer / Maniac Stare



Suffer- I don't care
All I have is this maniac stare
Track Name: Trust No One
Dumb, deaf and the blind
Telling you how to spend your life
I'm so fucking tired
Of gray faces in their suits!

They always find their way
To make your much life harder
Now suffer, cause I have had enough!

Fuck off, you human scum, before I'll tear you apart!

Go give your advice to someone who really cares
Because i don't really give a fuck.
Track Name: Perfect Gray
Forcefed opinions
The colourful army of gray children
All forced to fit
Within the limits of society
Gunshots breed terror
No one is safe even in their school
Countless victims
Innocents die, couse is our ignorance

Work. Breed. Work. Die
Work. Breed. Work. Die
Work. Breed. Work. Die

Sit inside your suit
Let it keep wearing you
You're cut to fit
All edges smoothened and cut out
Full-blown chaos
Your classmate might be your executioner
How many more?
Before we realize, WE ARE THE FAULT!?

We have truly mastered the art of ignorance
Track Name: Ashtray Of The World
"Changing between black and white
Choose your side and make up your mind
See the difference in left and right
And be afraid of rising tide"
They just try to make you fit
Try untill you choke in shit
Their power is in law and order
Tables will be turned so make it clear!

They can't break you!
They can't make you fit!

Pour your shit all over me
I am your worst enemy
I hate you and you hate me
And that's the fucking square
I'm not one of you and never will
Because you people make me sick
I'm the ashtray of the world
But one day my voice will be heard!
Track Name: Strangled By The Red Tape
Thought is strangled by red tape
Bureaucracy to suit your taste
Stupid fucks, get out of my way
Your red tape will be burned today

You're strangled by the red tape!

Thought is strangled by red tape
Paper war to waste your time on
Stupid fuck, get out of my way
Your beloved numbers mean
Nothing to me!

You're strangled by the
Red tape!

You are slaves for
Something that does not
Track Name: Something You Can Never Have Because There's Always Some Stupid Fuck Ready To Limit Your...
Track Name: XIII
Failed experiment
A self-made man
A handmade god
Destroyed by my hand
Thirteenth step
Away from you.
Failed experiment
Destroyed by my hand
Track Name: Until We Invent Something More Terrifying
Like this wouldn't be bad enough
You reach out to be the worst
Like we hadn't seen enough
You create more deadlier burst
Your hands are full of blood money
But nothing can fill your thirst
And when it's time to act I know
You're never there to be the first

You are human scum
Infectious human scum
You're a fucking failure

You create the weapons of fast destruction
New ways to get rid of ourselves
In endless search for bigger explosion
Mankind is driven to the edge
If you ever made a mistake
We would hide in a nuclear base
And through damnation, through extinction
The following few will find salvation

They just try to make you fit
Into their twisted jigsaw (puzzle)
Do you wanna play the part
And be involved in this fucking failure?
Track Name: Mantisgod
Above this ruined, plague-ridden land
Your god holds a gun in his hand
He smiles when you forsake his grace
He smiles with a gasmask on his face

And he loves to see you suffering
And he spits onto your offerings
He is the god of irony
And his prayers are suffering

Mantisgod always eats his prayer.